All batches follow a “Module Pattern” of teaching. So what is “module pattern”

  • Module pattern means subtopics of General Studies are taken one by one and a complete guide for that particular subtopic is completed continuously without breaking or interrupting the flow of the subject. Notes for that particular subtopic are also given at the same time and after completion of teaching a practice test is also conducted. Thus, this pattern ensures that each subtopic is concretely imprinted on the student’s mind. Excluding the subjects which are your degree subjects, all other subtopics are unknown and new for you. Only if you take up these subjects one by one and learn them in an uninterrupted manner, can you master them? It is our experience that this pattern proves very useful.
  • But, in this pattern it is obvious and unavoidable that some subjects will have to be taught towards the end of the course. Sometimes some students are afraid of the fact that we are approaching the end of the course and not a single lecture has been conducted for a particular subject. But this is not at all something to be afraid of, because every subject is going to be taught as per its sequence. On the contrary, the subjects which will be taught in the end are taught to you just before the exam and remain fresh in your mind. It is also our experience that if students adjust their self-study timetable with the classes they are benefited even more.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: prelims
Video unit FREE 10:00:00
Assignment 1 10, 00:00
Course Quiz 00:07:00
Test quiz only
Advertising on Social Media 00:35:00
Course Quiz 00:08:00
Self study
Assignment 1 10, 00:00

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